Sean Robert MacPhearson

Sean Robert MacPherson                                          Artists Statement

Sean uses the influence of industrial design and ideas from Art Nouveau to create anthropomorphic paintings of furniture. His work tells the story of disposable lifestyles of furniture left behind by its owners; abandonment. Using a combination of pattern and incorporating the natural grain of the wood he meticulously crafts his rooms with careful detail to the objects in them. Initially seen as a still life, they speak more to the art of portraiture, studying not only the furniture itself but the previous owners.  Along with painting, Sean is also a filmmaker and production designer. The film sets that he designs mimic the tableau aesthetic of film and theatrical sets. He composes individual elements - furniture, wall coverings and props - so when seen through the lens of a camera they appear “real.” There is a strong correlation between his film work and his paintings, he sees both as manufactured realities.