Wood Fired Month

Saturday February 2nd - 28th 2019

Wood Fired Month

The magic of wood fired pottery has captured the imagination of many ceramic artists. It is possible that the most famous ceramic artist in Canada is Ruth Gowdy-McKinley (1931-1981). Ruth was artist-in-residence at Sheridan College in Ontario. Admired by artists and students alike she knew her 14 cubic foot kiln intimately recognizing the exact spot to place a ‘kiss of the kiln’ the, for most though not for Ruth, fortuitous blush that often enhances a piece. Paula Murray recounts being asked by Ruth where she would like her ‘kiss’. Paula, thinking she was joking, arbitrarily indicated a spot and was amazed that upon opening the kiln the ‘kiss was there.

There are various types of wood fired kilns. A particularly famous one is Gordon Hutchen’s anagama kiln on Denman Island off the coast of Vancouver Island. Ensconced in the rain forest the kiln is fired once, occasionally twice, a year. The kiln firing is almost a primeval rite with artists descending on the island with bisque work that Gordon arranges masterfully in the huge kiln.

Fire has force and the kiln must be tended night and day. The works are arranged to take advantage of the defining flames that will leave their mark on the works. A forensic detective specially in arson could theoretically arrange the works post firing just by analyzing the flame and ash direction.

Wood firing is magical. Successful wood firing is the cumulative effect of talent in creating coupled with knowledge of placement and recognition of the capabilities of the kiln.

Visit the gallery during February and you will see a significant body of woodfired work by artists from across Canada. Brian has created an extraordinary display featuring remarkable examples of wood fired work by the aforementioned Ruth Gowdy-McKinley as well as members of Women Who Wood and various artist from coast to coast.

This is an exhibition well worth seeing and acquiring a piece from!

Robert Archambeau Manitoba

Judy Blake New Brunswick

Celia Brandao Ontario

Alan Burgess British Columbia

Lee Horus Clark New Brunswick

Yolande Clark New Brunswick

Shirley Clifford Ontario

Bruce Cochrane Ontario

Darren Emenau New Brunswick

Rob Froese Saskatchewan

Ruth Gowdy Mckinley Ontario

Kim Harcourt Ontario

David Hayashida/Linda Yates

Gordon Hutchens British Columbia

Alan Lacovetsky Manitoba

Pamela Nagley Stevenson British Columbia

ZsuZsa Monostory Ontario

Barbara Murphy Ontario

Pat Webber British Columbia

Liz Willoughby Ontario