Anatomy of A Collector

Anatomy of a Collector

Tom Thomson Art Gallery Owen Sound Ontario January 14th - April 29th 2018

Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery-Galerie London Ontario May 17th - July 9th 2018

The exhibition explores the reasons people collect with the catalyst for the discussion being the evolution of seven ceramic collections of Contemporary Canadian Ceramics (CCC). The seven collections have been chosen for both the quality of the collection and the reality that each came to collecting CCC for different reasons. The common thread in the formation of the collections was access to a diverse selection of CCC by the leading contemporary artists.

The selection of work was limited to 12 artists per collector for a minimum of 84 pieces. Six examples chosen by the curator and six works chosen by the collector.

Care has been taken to select collectors from different backgrounds. There are collections formed by individuals and couples. This exhibition explores the how and why a piece is chosen, in the case of collections formed by couples, the importance or unimportance of consensus.

This exhibition showcases the importance of recognizing major works in the oeuvre of an artist’s output. Included in the exhibition will be significant works with the provenance of previous exhibitions in private and public galleries.

An additional feature of the exhibition is the sense of community collecting fosters. With one exception none of the collectors were known to each other prior to beginning their journey as CCC collectors.

Essentially Anatomy of a Collector explores collection formation. It will illustrate the importance of access to quality work in forming a collection. It will explain what constitutes exhibition quality work. It will attempt to increase awareness of what is available. Art level ceramics in Canada is a relatively new field and this exhibition will provide a glimpse into what Canadian artists have to offer and the exciting field available to prospective collectors.

The Artists

Kirsten Abrahamson – Ontario, Robert Archambeau – Manitoba, Alan Burgess - British Columbia, Mimi Cabri RCA – Ontario, Keith Campbell Ontario, Walter Dexter RCA 1931-2015 – British Columbia, Angelo di Petta – Ontario, Heather Driver-Kerslake – Ontario, Jose Drouin – Quebec, Darren Emenau – New Brunswick , Carole Epp – Saskatchewan , Marianne Fisher – Ontario, Michael Flaherty – Newfoundland, Mary Fox – British Columbia, Ruth Gowdy-McKinley RCA 1931-1981 – Ontario, Goyer Bonneau RCA – Quebec, Sue Hara – British Columbia , Susan & Theo Harlander – Ontario, Robin Hopper RCA 1939-2017 – British Columbia, Harlan House RCA – Ontario, Gordon Hutchens – British Columbia, Steve Irvine – Ontario, Denys James – British Columbia, Thomas Kakanuma 1908-1981 – British Columbia , Audrey Killoran – Quebec, John Kurok – Rankin Inlet, Les Manning CM – Alberta, Mayta Markson RCA – Ontario, Glenys Marshall-Inman – British Columbia, Meira Mathison – British Columbia, Gary Merkel – British Columbia, Sally Michener RCA – British Columbia, Zuszsa Monostory – Ontario , Ann Mortimer CM RCA – Ontario, Dean Mullavey 1927-2015 – Quebec, Diane Nasr - Ontario, Grace Nickel RCA – Manitoba, Ingrid Nicolai – Quebec, Shane Norrie – Ontario, Kayo O’Young – Ontario, Maja Padrov – New Brunswick,Jan Phalan – Ontario, Peter Powning RCA – New Brunswick, Bernadette Pratt - Ontario, Ann Roberts RCA – Ontario, Anita Rocamora – Saskatchewan, Laurie Rolland RCA – British Columbia, Carol Rossman – Ontario, Ron Roy – Ontario, Maurice Savoie CM RCA 1930-2013 – Quebec, George Shadford – Ontario, Sing Ying Ho – Ontario, Tom Smith RCA 1933-2015 – New Brunswick, Kevin Stafford – Manitoba, Bruce Taylor – Ontario, Peter Thomas – New Brunswick, Barbara Tipton – Alberta, Vera Vicente – Quebec, Joyce Wheatley – Ontario, Liz Willoughby – Ontario