Meira Mathison

“I love what I do!”. Whether it is making a pot, discussing art vs craft with other artists or teaching techniques to people just discovering clay or stretching their abilities. I love it all. My pots reflect my life – ever changing, nothing is static; a life full with colour, fun, pushing the limits and challenging the day-to-day. Clay is a large part of my life and my passion.

The program that has given me the most enjoyment and satisfaction is my mentoring program. I have worked with a group of women for about eight years. These were my students who wanted to continue making clay but needed less technique more ideas. We meet once a week and I set up challenges and projects for them. This is followed by very active critiques and lively discussions on form, glaze and direction. The growth in this group has been phenomenal. These students now show in galleries, are successful in their sales and innovative in their designs. They have also become my best friends and a support group for each other.