Karen Burk

Karen Burk  New Brunswick

.Artist’s Statement

I like the tension of contrast: I am drawn to form that is restrained but slathered, softened, and seduced with rich plant and floral decoration. I love the jittery calligraphic “line and fill” of Matisse and Dufy and their sensual and outrageous colours. Medieval Islamic pottery has been a strong influence of late and the imagery and brushwork of Japan will follow me all of my days. I’m unashamedly drawn toward beauty but would like to give it strong form, bones and stamina and some ideas to chew on.

I came to this place through my years as a maker of practical pots and I still love this blue-collar discipline that straddles the world of art and function. My large bowls are meant to hang but would not be insulted if they were taken down to serve the salad then washed and returned to the wall. It feels like a perfect statement about the artificial art/craft dichotomy. This is art in the trenches, art with sore muscles, art with a union card, “the art that is life” (William Morris).

Karen Burk

June, 2016