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Artist Statment:

I have been engaged with both drawing and ceramics throughout my career. I consider the two practices as separate activities that meander: sometimes intersecting as one and reluctantly diverging back into parallel practices. The ceramic work also has corresponding practices: one is functional and the other is sculpturally based. Where both ceramic practices converge is the vessel. My current work began with a random assortment of drawings and objects in my studio. Often taking the shape that is predisposed by Minimalism’s emphasis on primary structures. For the most part, all of the objects begin as drawing and lately more often than not also end as drawing. However, what has changed is that my drawing has evolved to become fundamental to the form; sometimes enhancing it sometimes concealing it. The simple forms act as a canvas, each piece responding to the one before. I am beginning to untangle the delicate balance between form and surface.

Bruce Taylor 2018