The way we interact with our environment influences the way we see things and frames
the things we see. We take insubstantial, fragmented images and fill them out to make
complete narratives.
It is this tension between the negative space, what is withheld from the frame of the
painting and what is suggested that engages the viewer in a conversation with my work.
I am showing part of a picture or world which exists beyond the realm of the canvas in
the mind of the viewer. This conversation between the viewer and the painting, between
description and abstraction is the most vital element.
I work through progressions of ideas based on a theme. These progressions become
series. A series starts with an idea of capturing light and space and each new piece is
informed by experimentation and success/failure of the previous piece. The series
continues through incarnations until the excitement is gone. Typically I have 2 to 3
series underway at any given time. Some are slower developing and some are furious
experimentations that have hot burn and exude a sense of heat. As always it is the
ideas and passion that directs the progression. Once the passion is gone, so too, is the series

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