The Erotica Show Feb 18th - March 12th

Beal & Beyond  Feb 8th - April 1st

Showcase Series Angelo diPetta March 7th - March 31st

Out of the Ashes March 24th - April 16th

Showcase Series Mary Fox "Chalices" April 1st - April 30th

The Sheridan Show  May 12th - May 21st

Small Transgressions June 2nd -18th 2016

A Matter of Clay IV Aug 4th - Sept 10th 2016

Women Who Wood 4 Aug 4th - Sept 10th 2016

George Shadford "The Great Canadian Outdoors" Aug 4th - Sept 10th 2016

Showcase Show: Celia Brandao Historical Award winning works Sept 22nd 2016

Melissa LeBlanc: The Journey Sept 22nd 2016

Showcase Show: Darren Emenau Oct 15th - Nov 5th 2016

John Climenhage: Ontario - The North" Nov 10th - Dec 3rd 2016